Pitt's snowed in version of PennApps

We are students who got snowed in and weren't able to get to PennApps, so we made our own version of it in Pittsburgh

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$150 in prizes

Best Energy Related Hack

Constellation will award a $100 amazon gift card to the maker(s) of the best energy-related hack.

Best use of diodes

Pitt IEEE will award 400 LED's to the hack that makes the best use of diodes.

Mad Hack

A year of reddit gold split between your team. Awarded to the outright craziest hack. Details in the Facebook event.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Come to Benedum G31!


Reshef Elisha

Reshef Elisha
Organizer / PittApps

Dr. David Sanchez

Dr. David Sanchez
Professor / University of Pittsburgh

Judging Criteria

  • Must be awesome
    We judge all projects on arbitrary guidelines made up on the day of the event.